"Right when you see me, I expect you to be afraid."

- The DeathHolder, Enzo Aldrich

About the project.

UnderHolder is an AU/Storyline that is currently being saved for later purposes, such as relating deeper into the original game of Undertale. Undertale is owned by Toby Fox and is not related to this kind of AU in anyway.

UnderHolder is an AU where everything is yet the same, the neutral run, then the pacifist, and then happy ending! Woo! No one dies! ... Right? In the world of UnderHolder, the rules are completely thrown off, two unknown Holders, known as Akito Daisuke and in the infamous Enzo Aldrich are in complete control and are the original "creators" of the entire undertale verse. (Trigger warning: There will be major Mary Sues and Gary Sues, gods, deities and such, so if you do not want to see this, you'd best leave.)

The characters are still yet a work in progress, so don't expect them to be done sooner or later, this is mostly about the AU after all.

Underholder is a full on ' story ' , and not a literal world stashed and smashed with everything together , so , regarding confusion , it's a simple MAYBE , that it MIGHT become an animated series .

I am hoping to create an animated series out of this, or at least a comic once I have met my goals, for now, Underholder shall to craved to this fandom wiki page for it's originality.

The AU/Storyline.

Underholder is a series wbere glitches have become a major threat to the entire overworld, that including the other millions of AU's, thus, the two holders are awoken, the DeathHolder, Enzo Aldrich is a familiar to Akito Daisuke, they are revivals as they are two separate races with different needs. Deathholders and Keyholders were eradicated to due a war.

Latest activity

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